Monday, April 10, 2006

Chatting over the fence

Rain, that's all I'm hearing. Not much use to getting out of bed early. Oh and the local weather prediction is 20 percent chance of rain today. Tomorrow it is 70 percent chance of rain. I think the weatherman has got his days mixed up, as it has been non-stop rain for the last 5 hours. If that is 20 percent chance of rain, then I better turn my rowboat upright and unchain it because we are about to be washed away when the floods hit tomorrow. Outside the window I'm sitting next to, it sounds like 1,000 garden hoses pouring globs of water. The only thing worth doing now is browsing the net for antique stuff, because that is about as much as I will get done around here today. Better yet, I think I am just going to crawl back into bed, catch a few more winks.


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