Saturday, May 06, 2006

The daily snitch

I had my mom and sister over this evening for dinner and a movie. I thought it would be a nice to have a "Mother and Sister" night. For dinner, I made homeade crab cakes, buttered baby carrots and oven fries. For dessert, we had creme brulee. I used to make my own creme brulee, but then I tried the Williams-Sonoma creme brulee mix and let me tell you, I will never make it again. This mix is unbelievably easy (just heat and pout into dishes) and quite good. Although it was a rather simple meal to prepare, everything turned out well. During dinner, we had a really interesting conversation about celebrity and for an 87-year-old woman, my mom was quite entertaining! After dinner, we watched Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix. I had seen this at the theater and thought it was fabulous, so I bought it when it was released. It was terribly disappointing to me that Joaquin didn't win the Academy Award for his performance. Although I have not yet seen Capote, I truly feel that Phoenix should have won because he was SO good at portraying Johnny Cash even down to the singing voice and stage mannerisms. I would think that it took much more talent for Joaquin to pull off singing and acting like Cash than for Hoffman to pull off acting like Capote. I think Phoenix got ripped off!


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